CELEBRACIÓN provides the National Hispanic Institute the opportunity to showcase its work through its more talented and aspiring youth.  It encourages a continuing discussion and dialogue of issues that have relevance and importance to the future of Latino community life.  It gives a public face to the vision of the National Hispanic Institute and transmits a new and different modern-day image of Latinos as they prepare to take their place alongside others in crafting the future.  Anyone who observes the calibre of youth who attend CELEBRACIÓN immediately recognizes the importance of the work being conducted by NHI.  No longer needed are old social models of leadership that came as a result of the 1960s civil rights movement and beyond.

While respecting and paying homage to individuals who courageously provided much needed leadership during those times, CELEBRACIÓN marks a clear and distinct departure in preparation for an approaching new era.   NHI recognizes all too well that a more educated, skilled, and organizationally prepared leader is needed for a world of constant change and precision.  The mindset of the youth can no longer be driven by an upward view of the world or the confining views of being seen as a minority.  The mindset for the new Latino leader is global, bi-lingual, articulate, well educated, collaborative, strategic, organizationally skilled, self managed, self directed, and, most importantly, self approving.   CELEBRACIÓN and NHI’s many summer leadership programs are the training grounds where this new self view is being constructed, where old strident community self-images are being replaced with new ones, and there are no ceilings, boundaries, or barriers to the world of possibilities open to those who dedicate themselves to the highest possible standards of personal development.  

For more information about this event contact the Director of Celebracion, Analysse Escobar by phone at 512-357-6137 or by e-mail at analysse@nhimail.com.

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